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Our Offerings

We offer you the best toys for your kids needs while he is growing up.

Educational Toys

Let your kid learn wonderful things while playing and grow a healthy mind.

Branded Toys

All our toys are 100% genuine,kids freindly and Branded from Top Brand.

Special Toys

Toys for a special occasion for special need with a unique concept.


Soft Toys

Animals have always been a point of attraction for the children. Plush stuffed animals toys give them the same feeling in the day to day life.

Remote control Toys

RC car or Radio controlled cars are battery operated cars that can be controlled from a distance using a transmitter or remote and we as Rollupkids are specialists in that category.

Hearts for Hearts Dolls

Every Hearts For Hearts Dolls associate with her own story of struggle and H4H girls have the mission to empower to become role models of modification in their communities, their countries, and around the world.

Wooden and Cardboard Games

Wooden and CardBoard game plays an important role in the lives of the kids and it is their favorite pastime. There are various types of wooden games available with us and we are specialist in it.

Educational Toys

We offer something for all age but the educational toy is very close to our Heart and Rollup Kids Toys are bound by our corporate social responsibility that we will be a pioneer in our segment and a certain portion we have to donate for underprivileged children’s welfare as part of our CSR.

Playing soft Gun

Soft Gun for kids is a must-have item as it adds a lot of fun element in their life. But same time we are focused towards kids safety. Our soft guns are developed keeping kids safety in mind and are used only for fun category.

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