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  • October 13th, 2018

.Dos and Don’ts: Gift & Toys for Children

Who doesn’t know a child loves toys & gifts? No matter what age or gender, toys & Gifts are often a child’s best friend & attraction. Not only are they entertaining, but toys & gifts can also be stimulating to the child’s developing brain and serving an educational purpose.

It will be difficult to make a variety of toys & Gifts while choosing anything for a child. Well, you are in luck, because Rollup Kids has a lot of experience in this area. With our handy guide, you will find it more comfortable and easier to choose toys or gifts for children of any age.

More Gift Ideas

Here at Rollup Kids, we have a wide range of gifts guaranteed to suit all tastes and budgets. All children have different personalities, and it’s essential to consider these personality differences while choosing a toy for a child. There are so many toys & Gifts to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out of the box a little bit with your ideas. Specifically, for older children, you can get very creative with the kinds of gifts you can get them.

For example, an enjoyable toy that can also turn into a home decoration is the 3D puzzle. Another great idea to nourish children’s love for music in a fun and straightforward way is toy musical instruments. Which can found in different sizes and levels of difficulty for each age group? Some X-box games are suitable for physical activity, like sports simulation games and dancing games. Especially with video games or mobile games, moderation and supervised usage is significant.

It’s also essential to not only look at toys as gifts. It can be more suitable for some children to bring them gifts like sports gear, colouring books, knitting kits, or making accessories.

Another excellent gift could be books, especially for children who are learning to read. Colourful and straightforward books can help nurture their reading skills while being very enjoyable.

No matter which toy or gift you choose to get, you can always be sure that our excellent team at Rollup Kids will be here to assist you in selecting the right gift and having it delivered right at your door in a reasonable delivery time and for a good price.



Dos: Gift & Toys

The first thing you must consider when choosing a toy for a child is the age and practical abilities of the child. Most toys & Gifts have a range of suitable ages printed on the package.

Younger children particularly enjoy colourful stuffed animals. It’s preferable to get small sizes with short fur to reduce the risk of bugs or stray hair. Younger children also enjoy toys & Gift with colourful and shiny shapes, which they can play with freedom, like shooting hoops or a miniature bowling set! A lovely gift idea for younger children is miniature playground sets like a small slide that can be set up in the garden easily or a little basketball toy that they can play indoors easily.

As for older children, the best toys & gifts to choose from are fun but also educational. The top choice for children more past than two years is Legos and puzzles. Legos can be fun to assemble, and they also teach children about coordination and building shapes. As for problems, they improve children’s cognitive abilities and are especially enjoyable if the puzzle picture is from the child’s favourite movie or cartoon. For children who are just beginning to read, it’s a great idea to get toys & Gifts with letters and words to stimulate their reading skills.

Another fun idea for toys & gifts for children above two years is toys & gifts which require physical activities. Toys & gifts like football sets, basketball sets, trampolines, and remote-controlled cars are excellent choices for children that age and they involve a lot of exercises that will be healthy for a growing child.


Don’ts: Gift & Toys

The most important thing to be careful about while choosing a toy for younger children is safety. Make sure whatever gadget you want doesn’t have sharp shapes, which can be painful. Small pieces can be easily swallowed or misplaced, primarily if the toy is intended for a younger child. Since the risk of swallowing bits of toys & gifts is severe, this should be a top consideration.

If you’re getting a gift for a friend’s child or a relative’s child, an important step to take before deciding what kind of toy to get is to ask the child’s parents what toys & gifts they already have and what toys & gifts they would be interested in having.

As for toys & gifts given to older children,

We observed that most parents find it easier to get a video game to keep the children silent and glued to the TV, but it’s not very healthy in the long run, so it’s better to avoid that. Toys & gifts that require physical activities are an excellent choice for this age group. However, it’s essential to ensure that children playing with these toys & gifts remain supervised, as there could be dangers of falling or tripping while playing.

Another important consideration that you should keep in mind is to avoid toys & Gifts that require too much technical knowledge. For example, puzzles, in general, are good, but a 1500 pieces puzzle would not be suitable for a child to complete on their own. Children love instant gratification, so that they will get bored with this kind of toy very quickly. They will require assistance from their parents, which can be time-consuming. It’s also a reasonable precaution to avoid getting young children anything related to clay or colouring since they can easily mess with these toys & gifts. Additionally, crayons or clay are not safe for consumption.  It’s not suitable for young children because they might accidentally ingest some of the harmful materials.

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