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Looking for corporate executive gifts, Luxury Business Gifts & Promotional Gift item concepts that your company or customers can love? Well, you’ve high-quality of Gift at proper place as per your need and we do customization as per the client’s requirement. We are quite flexible on the customization part.
Rollupkids is the Best Corporate Gifting Company which deals in Corporate Executive Gifts in Dubai, Luxury Business Gifts & Promotional Gifts Items in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE. Rollupkids is the top Gift Supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi region of UAE which provides corporate executive gifts & Personalized luxury business gifts at wholesale price.

Few Corporate gifts/gifting Items

  • Handcrafted personalized clock
  • Mug
  • Seat pocket organizer
  • Personalized bottle case
  • Eco-friendly pens with case
  • Teddy Bear
  • Tailored pen drives
  • Smartwatch
  • Embossed Diary
  • Professional Notebooks or Dairy
  • Personalized Calendars
  • Coffee Table Book
  • Portable Phone Charger
  • Cup or Coffee Mug
  • Kindle
  • Cook’s Basket
  • Custom Golf Balls & Tees
  • Headphone

Business gift concepts with personnel currently coming into all organizations and everybody loves that. There’s a necessity to form certain that the Indian Diwali gift concepts for workers that is cool and traditional. If you as a corporation need to administer one thing personalized to every worker, we can assist in designing. Every month will have values seminar and Projects that a corporation stands for or the various departments that are there for display. You’ll be able to additionally produce special Share books that contain all the key activities that have happened within the organization across the past year and corporate gift item. Opts to send a mounted Canvas with an image that signifies the robust relationship.For Gift lover and wholesale buyer, we are posting some of the old trusted corporate gift ideas and please feel free to use for your benefit…

Corporate Gifts in Dubai

An essential part of the success of corporate life in Dubai UAE is knowing the tips and tricks of dealing with customers, suppliers, wholesaler and business partners. Having the right relationship with your customers, wholesaler, and business partners is a must to guarantee the success of your projects and business deals. One of the most relied upon ideas to maintain those important business relationships as well as to build new ones is with corporate gifts. Some business owners also give corporate gifts to employees as a method of boosting morale and showing appreciation.

Here at Rollup Kids Gifts, our range of corporate gift ideas is rich in a variety of gift ideas that will suit your every need and match the characteristics of your business, your partners or your valued employees.

Choosing a creative corporate gift idea is simple. At Rollup Kids, one of the top corporate gift suppliers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah and the northern emirate of UAE, you can easily find a standard or personalized corporate gift idea, as well as luxury corporate gifts or promotional corporate gifts. Read our simple guide to be able to choose the perfect corporate gift for your client, partner, or employee.

Simply Supplies Stationery

At first, you might think that stationery supplies are regular and repetitive and practiced by all corporate. The truth is, stationery supplies corporate gifts are only repetitive when you don’t put a lot of thought into making them, and that’s exactly what we avoid doing at Rollupkids.

Stationery supplies include pens, pencils, ink pens, sticky notes, paperweights, pen holders, pen pockets, erasers for pens and pencils, and rulers or scissors or a combination of all.

The best idea for this corporate gift item is to prepare a package which contains several of the items above as well as option to buy each of them separately. Because stationery supplies are common and largely available items, you must focus on making your stationery corporate gift package look special while being practical.


Another popular and oldest corporate gift item is calendars. Perfect for office decorations, your clients, partners, or employees will be very glad to receive this type of corporate gift. The calendar is popular as a corporate gift because it serves an important and practical purpose while also having an attractive look that catches the eye.

The calendar must have a collection of themed photos, one for each month. The photos should be aesthetically pleasing and high quality, so that it would be pleasant to look at and a good addition to the office or the desk.


This absolute office essential is a must-have on any gift list. Clocks are one of those corporate gift items that are suitable for any sort of office, business, or occasion. You can give a clock as a gift to virtually anyone, and they’ll always be able to find a place to put it. Clocks are also one of the corporate gift items that can be very versatile and flexible when it comes to the designs and the sizes which you can choose. Clocks can also be made in a customized manner and in non-standard sizes.

At Rollup Kids, we can supply you with clocks as corporate gift items with attractive bundle prices and the guarantee of a brilliant and practical design that fits your corporate identity and impresses the gift receiver and suits whatever place it is put in.

Decorative Items

This is a broader category of corporate gifts ideas, which is a good thing because this corporate gift idea gives you freedom in choosing between a wide range of items which will suit every occasion and work well with all personalities.

You can easily find at Rollup Kids a wide range of corporate gift ideas filled with decorative items with special designs which will be made relevant to your corporate, like picture frames, candle holders, artificial plant pots, vases, or desk lamps. In order to have the perfect collection of decorative items as corporate gifts, you must make sure to come to Rollup Kids( unique gift item supplier in UAE), where we will create several attractive designs for you while also keeping in mind to make various sizes of the gifts suitable so you can choose what size suits the gift receiver better.

Phone Accessories

Today, a smartphone is an essential part of every person’s life. Not only is it used for social media, most corporates today rely on smartphones to facilitate answering emails and doing business on the go. Therefore it’s very important to consider phone accessories as part of your corporate gift items package. One of the most popular and impressive corporate gift items in the category of phone accessories is the power bank, which can be used on any type of phone and it’s a very practical and often needed item. Additionally, customized earphones or USB cables can also be a valuable part of your phone accessories corporate gifts collection. There is also the popular selfie stick as well as the headphone jack splitter and pop socket.

For special clients or business partners on special occasions, you can also choose to customize phone cases based on the individual’s phone model.


This immensely popular corporate gift item is one of those essential items that every office just can’t have enough of. If you choose to give a mug as a corporate gift to a business partner, purchaser, client, or even employee, you can guarantee it’s always going to be used and admired.

Mugs are also one of the corporate gift items that are very flexible and versatile with their design and sizes. With only a few boxes to tick when it comes to usability and practicality, it’s not expensive at all to get mugs custom made to represent your corporate image. You can also add coasters to the mix. Here at Rollup Kids, we make sure your mug corporate gifts are safe to use, durable, and most of all, good looking with a slick and smooth design that will make whoever sees it crave a good cup of coffee.


This category is a specialty of our team of designers at Rollup Kids. Notebooks are one of the most popular corporate gift items, and deservingly so since it can be safely labeled as the most essential part of any office. Even with technological advancements and the growing reliance on laptops, sometimes you just must write stuff down!

All notebooks serve a practical purpose by nature, so what makes our notebooks at Rollup Kids any different? Here at Rollup Kids, we operate on the concept of mixing practicality and aesthetics to form one irresistible blend. Our custom-made notebooks will be the first choice for anyone looking for a practical and good looking notebook. Our notebooks will be suitable as a gift for corporate partners, purchasers, clients, or employees.

Computer Accessories

Much like smartphones, laptops and computers have become a constant and essential part of any successful business owner or employee. It’s true that the types and models of laptops and computers are hugely various and specific to each industry, here at Rollup Kids we will make sure that your computer accessories corporate gift package is universal and usable by everyone regardless of the model of the laptop.

The computer accessories corporate gifts could include laptop sleeves, USB flash drives, laptop bags, laptop cleaning kit, headphones, storage drives, and much more! All of these items are essential and practical accessories, and we can customize them to fit your corporate visual.


The idea of flowers as a corporate gift might strike you as odd at first, but don’t be alarmed. Flowers are a perfect corporate gift in many circumstances. Sending flowers as a gift to your business partners or employees can be convenient on any celebratory occasion, for example, a birthday or a company anniversary, as well as a get well soon gift or sending good wishes on popular holidays like Christmas.

Ordering flowers is an easy task and its guaranteed that we will find the perfect flower delivery service for you to tailor the flower arrangement to your needs and to the occasion.

Electronic Devices

Also relevant to the theme of practical and stylish office supplies, this category is not a very common one among corporate gifts, mostly because a lot of the items in this category are reserved for top business partners on very special occasions.

What makes this a very special corporate gift category is that it’s practical while also being visibly expensive and specially curated, which shows the gift receiver that you value their cooperation and your business relationship greatly.

The electronic devices corporate gift collection is very flexible based on your client and your budget. You can have pocket calculators, e-readers, electronic watches and clocks, portable radios, and much more. Whatever idea you have, we will make sure to implement it in a perfect manner for you at Rollup Kids.

Leather Items

This corporate gift item can also be considered a luxury gift item, although it can be a more economical choice. The leather is often a favorite material for businesses and corporate personnel. This is why adding a range of leather items to your corporate gifts collection is essential to the success of your business relationships.

Leather items can include leather keychains, leather wallets, leather laptop sleeves, leather notebooks, or leather bags. You can also get creative with the designs of the leather and the branding of your corporate logo on it.

Leather items are guaranteed to be liked and appreciated by your business partners, clients, or top employees, as they suit every age and taste.

Toiletries for Business Trips

This is one of our most practical and convenient range of gifts at Rollup Kids. Often when you are on a business trip, it can be inconvenient to use hotel toiletries and you can be feeling uncomfortable during the whole trip. At Rollup Kids, our specially curated high-quality toiletry bag will contain your choice of toiletries and you can give it as a very thoughtful gift to your business trip partners.

Luxury Gifts

If you have a very important client or business partner, it will not be enough to give that individual regular corporate gifts. Therefore, it’s important to also consider a small range of luxury gifts for those very special clients.

You can choose any gift you think is suitable for this client or business partner, and we will be sure to provide you with it in the shape you require.

T-shirts and wearables

This category of corporate gifts is important for solidifying a brand for your corporate and making your corporate brand and visual identity widely recognizable. This range of corporate gifts contains various wearable items that are suitable for all tastes and ages.
You can include stylish t-shirts or jackets with your corporate logo and theme colors, or golf caps, wristbands, and winter scarves.

This corporate gift can especially be used for employees because if it looks stylish, your employees will want to wear it during off-hours, which is considered good PR for your establishment.

More out of the box ideas

When choosing corporate gifts for your business, it’s important to not always stick to the known and common gifts. Yes, sometimes they are perfect for the occasion and a more economical choice, but you also must consider the branding and visual identity of your corporate. Therefore, as a business owner or executive, your team must come up with out of the box ideas for corporate gifts which will do a good job of representing your business.

Gifts like keychains, letter openers, cufflinks, portable mugs, decorative vases, or even books, can all be turned into something out of the box and head turning.

We hope our guide to choosing the perfect corporate gift is helpful to you. Be sure that our team at Rollup Kids will always be dedicated to creating the corporate gifts that you need at a comfortable price and top quality, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line to see what our current range of corporate gifts includes and to learn more about our services and packages. or some other topic

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